Sunday, January 2, 2011

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Car spotted in Abu Dhabi

In a recent trip to Abu Dhabi a Teamspeed member spotted the new BMW Vision EfficientDynamics car on the track. It was also in gray which was different than the white concept version.
BMW's new EfficientDynamics car is rumored to be called the "i8" and is rumored to be powered by a three-cylinder diesel-hybrid powertrain that produces 328 horsepower. The super light weight car will be able to do 0-100 in 4.8 seconds and the best part about this car, it is expected to get 62.5 mpg.

Although it seems that this spotting seems to lead people to think that the new VED car will be released soon it is still uncertain. BMW has not announced a release date, but some sources have reported it will be released in 2013. Also, the car is also rumored to be priced around $200,000.

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