Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OnStar Coming to Best Buy

Starting in spring Best Buy will begin carrying an OnStar standalone rear-view mirror and non-GM customers will be able to equip it in their in their car also. The mirror bundles with the communications package that comes with Onstar devices. The mirror will be priced at $375, not including service plans, which is at least $18.95 a month.
GM has stated that "OnStar is certified to work on 99 percent of the top 20 selling non-GM vehicles over the last 10 years or approximately 55 million cars and trucks." The list of compatible cars will be posted on Onstar's official website. I am presuming that the cars in the list will include Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, and other cars of that category. Onstar has stated that the mirror will include feature like its automatic crash response, which detects a sudden impact and automatically calls an OnStar advisor. Other features include link to emergency services by pressing a button, as well as stolen-vehicle location assistance, turn-by-turn navigation, roadside assistance and hands-free calling. GM has also stated that the mirror will work even if a phone is not in your car. Your old mirror can be replaced with an Onstar mirror with the help of a technician or one of Best Buy's Geek Squad Auto Techs.

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